Art giving filming lesson

Week 14 – Video and iMovie training

Video Training

Monday was an  interesting day that saw me and my fellow interns getting a great lesson on the basics of filming with a DSLR camera.  We got great tips on: lighting – such as the aperture and shutterspeed settings; focus settings – how to use the manual focus; sound – how to do a sound check; and how to add different microphones and their purposes.  Thanks for the lesson Art, you were very patient with us and most importantly, taught us well. Continue reading

Failure is not opposite of success quote

Week Lucky 13 – Lots of WordPress on Thisistap and Local Hosting

Gosh where do I start, we did so much this week in the Web Professional Ed Visa course.

Tap and WordPress

We started with learning how to make a free WordPress website using thisistap hosting. It’s easy and free!

thisistap screenshot

The only downside is that your site name (Url domain name) has /thisistap/ at the end of it AND it is known to be a bit glitchy.

So it’s great for the purpose of learning WordPress and having a go at a live site.  But it’s not recommended for a real professional site. For that you need to get your own web hosting.  This is something I’m now required to get for this course. I’ve been recommended a2 hosting. Anyone got any other suggestions? Continue reading

Week 12… CSS and Familiar Faces :-)

Well hello there! Long time no see!

You may have noticed my little hiatus, but I’m back now! I shouldn’t admit this here coz the boss will read this, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was to be back at work this week… I got pretty used to my freedom over those 2 weeks away so I thought I might struggle getting back into the groove of work again but in fact it was like I’d never been away… apart from the CSS lesson which I’ll tell you about more later. Continue reading

Week 7 Typography, Colour Schemes, Photoshop and FUN


For a bit of fun this week we got to try this online game Kerntype at the end of our Monday lesson, testing our visual prowess in terms of typography.  I’m a bit of an alignment freak, so I loved the challenge of correcting the spacing of various text.  “The process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font to achieve a visually pleasing result is called kerning.” Wikipedia. Hence the name of the game.

Kern game Continue reading

Joyous Health home page

Week 5 – New Course, New Project


I am feeling both happy and grateful this week because I have joined the 6 month Web Design Professional Course which started at Web Courses Bangkok (WCB) on Monday. When I started my internship at WCB a month ago, this was exactly the opportunity I was hoping for. Lucky me!  It’s been nice to meet people from all over the world.  Seriously not one of the students is from the same country.  We have students from Slovenia, Senengal, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, USA, Hungary and of course New Zealand.  We’ve had a busy week getting to know the roles of web design, the pros and cons of freelancing, things to think about when getting a brief from a client (I thought a lot about the article I was writing on this exact topic, see link later in bog) and getting practice at looking at websites through new eyes – web designer eyes. Continue reading