Week 17 – Troubleshooting and Video editing

Wow week 17, I think I’m well over half way through my internship now. Time flies when you’re… BUSY!  Yep, I can never complain of being bored that’s for sure.  There is always a never-ending list of unfinished tasks to do. But they do get done eventually.  Of course I am the first to admit I tend to put off the ones that are not as enjoyable or easy, who doesn’t? But there aren’t many tasks that fall into that category anyway 🙂 Continue reading


Week 16

Graphic Designer

Monday a new graphic designer joined the team for a test week. She’s seems very creative and has already done some lovely work designing some new flyers for our courses.  Khun Golf is her name and she seems lovely.  She also tried her hand at iMovie to give us interns a hand with many video testimonials that need doing. I hope she stays!

Another interesting event on Monday was a trial lesson by a potential teacher for the school, he comes with a wealth of experience in running his own web design franchise.  My fellow interns and I had to critique him. I thought he had potential. With a little training on ‘delivery’ and more preparation I think he could be good.

6 Month Web Design Course

Another interesting week of PS designs moving to actually building our redesign in WP.  After we finished our designs or at least the home page we tried our hand at creating the designs in the Divi theme of WordPress. I still feel like such a beginner at this. But it just takes practice practice practice.  This week also saw us setting up our hosting on the big World Wide Web. Yes we are finally putting something live, I’m not telling you my url just yet, still have a lot more tweaking to do before I’ll want to share!

It was a whole new world looking into ‘some’ of the ins and outs of ‘hosting and domains’.  Pretty cool to set up my very own email account, not that I’ll be using it just yet…


I forgot to add these before and after shots last week. I  had to update the page  Build it with Us on the WCB website. I was given the photo but after publishing it I realised it needed a bit of TLC. So I gave it my best shot in Photoshop.  I basically just used the patch tool.  I tried my darndest to get rid of that smudge but couldn’t quite manage it, needed a different tool but didn’t know which one!  Next time.

No Follow Link

What is a no follow link? www.wordstream.com states the following:
A no follow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favor, does not boost PageRank, and doesn’t help a page’s placement in the SERPs… A no follow link is created with the nofollow link HTML tag, which looks like this:
<a href=”http://www.website.com/rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>
The nofollow tag is basically a notice sign for search engines saying “don’t count this.””

The most important reasons to add nofollow to your comment links is to discourage spammers and to be clear you are not endorsing that page. The reason I’m telling you about this? I had to add a nofollow link to a website link from the testimonials page on our school website. I googled how to do it and this was another way to code it.

<a rel=nofollow href=”http://www.website.com”&gt;

How do you know if a link is a nofollow or not?  Easy, just right click on the page, choose inspect element and scroll over the link to see the html coding.

Still confused? Here’s a link to a good article explaining it well which is also where this video came from.


Embedding Videos

Speaking of embedded videos which I did there just above, I had to embed a video into the WCB website, this time on the Photography course page. It wasn’t as simple as I thought, but didn’t take me long to figure it out. In my blog above it was as simple as finding the embedding code (when you click on share, embed is an option) and pasting that into the HTML of my very simple linear blog page. But on our school site, we have visual composer with all these different containers and bands etc.  So first of all I had to find exactly where to put it, find the correct container, row, column, templatera etc and then I had to remove the existing image and replace with a new templatera to hold the video.  Once I found the media catergory  it was straight forward from there (embedded video was one of options – yeah! Done!).

And here it is.http://www.webcoursesbangkok.com/course/photography-course-in-bangkok/

And here it is embedded. The trick is, you have to remember to paste the code into the HTML code tab, not your text editing tab.


Filming and Editing

I’m also working on editing another testimonial for the  web design course at WCB.  I enjoy learning new skills and iMovie is certainly a challenge.  It has it quirks that’s for sure. Again, practice, practice, practice.  I will definitely have it finished to show off for next week’s blog. But in the meantime here we are filming the actual testimonial.

From left, Izaac, me and Kate.

Week 15 – Filming and Re-design

This week in the web professional class we have been exploring re-designing a website of our choice.  Here was the process

  1. Choose a site for re-design, preferable one that needed it!
  2. Do some user research, unfortunately I only got a handful of responses on Facebook.  I didn’t feel like spam emailing my friends so I relied on FB – it needed to be fast as the next day it was on to the next task…
  3. Site -map
  4. Then rough lo-fi wireframes
  5. Then hi-fi wireframes using UXPin
  6. Shopping (gathering the content needed, getting images, text, logo, colour scheme etc)
  7. Designing the Photoshop
  8. And somewhere along the way you need to find some inspiration
courtesy of bubbl.us
colour scheme



So starting this week we should have our main pages done in PS, but unfortunately for me and seems to be becoming something regular… I was out of power all day yesterday (that’s why I’m up at 4:00 am on Monday doing my ‘Sunday Blog’) the day I had set aside to work on MY REDESIGN, but alas no such luck, can’t work on my desktop with no power can I!  What a frustrating day.  But I reminder that I need to buy a laptop… sooner than later, at least before the next bleeping power cut!

Other really interesting learning this week was putting what we had learned about filming testimonials into practice.  The three of us (Yui, Isaac and I) had turns at filming, playing interviewer, and interviewee. Actually I managed to get out of playing the interviewee claiming I might break the camera! hahaha.  It was really good practice for us.  The main thing we know we need to work on is the timing.  We had to keep reminding ourselves (through many ‘takes’) to pause a few seconds  both before questions were answered (because later we will actually cut the questions during editing and replace with visual title slides) and before we stopped the filming of each question (also to allow for cutting during the editing process).  Both of which didn’t come easy, but with practice we got better with the pausing/waiting.

I’ll be sure to post our first REAL video testimonial here soon…

Until next week, bye!