Week 25 – Keep Calm and Assertive

Hi guys,

It was certainly another really busy week, probably one of my most busy actually.

Client Management

Monday morning saw me back in the classroom with the web professional trainees, this time doing some role play about client management.  We were paired up to go over some scenarios of where web designers are faced with some challenges from Clients.

Here are some of the scenarios

Client Management role play worksheet

Unfortunately Jess and I had too much fun with the first page that we ran out of time to do the last page.  Shame.  But we role played the heck out of the first page hehehe.  And between us, (because we decided to switch roles and repeat the same scenarios) we came up with some very professional and hopefully effective ways of handling potentially difficult situations with a client.

What we learned was that it is crucial and a no brainer to remain calm but assertive – a bit like the famous dog whisperer Caesar Milan!

Keep Calm and Assertive poster with Caesar Milan

Before you say anything, no, I am not comparing clients to dogs, although some may like the comparison! But rather in all situations this message is advisable if you want a positive outcome where both parties are happy.

Now back to what I was saying about calm and assertive.  Basically it’s about being very clear from the beginning what the expectations are for both parties and sticking to it.  So a solid written contract is vital. A solid contract is what you can always refer back to if a client gets too demanding, ie asking for ‘un-agreed to’ changes or ‘more’ content/pages.

But ‘give a little’.  If what they are asking for is not in the contract, it doesn’t mean you outright refuse to do it, but rather see if you can convince the client if is actually necessary or not, or state that you can do it but it will cost extra.  And put all of this in writing. Clients do not want delays to the completion date so you can always highlight that could happen if too many changes are made.

Anyway this was a fun and worthwhile exercise for web professional trainees who are almost ready to go out on their own.

WCB School Site

Gravity Forms for Course Pages

I’ve been working for weeks now on adding and testing a new form (WP Gravity Form) on all our course pages.   After I thought I’d finished, I was then asked to make the form into a template (called ‘templatera’ in Visual Composer). So I created the template, added it to 20 course pages, doubled checked they worked then deleted the not-so-old one.  You may notice that not all the courses have the new form (we offer more than 20 courses) this is not because I’ve forgotten, but because we do not have the new course outline for them yet therefore it’s a bit pointless generating an email with an old outline.
I can finally say this task is well and truly complete! Mission completed… until a new course or outline is made that is …. 

Lucille Ball
You cannot be serious Carl! Not another form! Hahaha

This week I also updated the WCB about page and added the lovely Golf to the WCB Team. Here is the original photo before formatting and the PhotoShop version edited for the requirements of the team page.  I got to ‘brush’ up on my Photoshop retouching skills -finally getting a handle on the clone tool.

Isn’t she lovely?  Say yes or you’ll have me to answer to.  But seriously, Golf is a great addition to the WCB team, she is hardworking, creative and yes lovely.  Golf, I will miss you when I complete my internship in 2 weeks.

International Computer Drivers Licence

I’ve also been chasing up the idea of WCB becoming a ICDL centre.  Have you heard of ICDL?  It’s the International Computer Drivers Licence.  I’m still trying to find out exactly what they offer in courses and what costs are involved.  Anyone out there sat the test?

Blog Posts

I haven’t done so much on our school blog posts of late, I even gave up doing one of ‘my’ photography articles and handed it over to a new intern as I had a more urgent tasks to complete.  I have very much enjoyed doing all the photography articles so far, all 16 of them! Hard to believe.  Anyway I did get my hands on a blog this week about teaching html.  It’s an older article but still rings true today.

Responsiveness on WCB site

Speaking of blogs, I noticed that on our site the blogs didn’t appear as they should on a mobile. I could tell some media queries had been added but it wasn’t quite right…

After checking the coding in ‘inspect element’ I saw that the border of the feature image had not been included in the media query for ‘display: none;’.  So adding that query fixed the problem! Success.  (As you can see from the image above, the one on the left has the feature image hidden but the border of the image remains.)

Adobe Illustrator

I also had a lesson on Ai this week. I enjoyed it thoroughly and realize that it is a very powerful and useful tool for a lot more than making logos.  There’s a lot more to Adobe Illustrator than thought!  If you also want to learn more about what Adobe Illustrator can do, then I would recommend a lesson with Pete at WCB.

Cheers and have a great weekend.





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