Week 23 – Happy New Year!

New Zealand Holiday

I have just got back last weekend from a fabulous 3 week family holiday in New Zealand.  For me just being in ‘God’s Own’ Aotearoa the Land of the Long White Cloud (the Maori name of New Zealand) is holiday enough for me, but we also did some fun things while we were there.  It’s pretty hard not to have fun when you spend time in Queenstown – often referred to as the extreme sport and adventure capital of NZ (the birth place of the famous Bungy). So my holiday consisted of 2 weeks in the South Island of NZ and one week in the North Island.  I had a fab time on both islands.

Queenstown Airport Maori Scupture
My gorgeous lads on our arrival in Queenstown, NZ
The extreme sports I was talking about! This is called ‘flyboard’. We watched this amazing instructor for about 20 mins doing loads of tricks, even an under water ‘dolphin’ move!

Here’s a link to this cool new water sport – flyboarding

Interesting sights on a a little road trip we took to Alexandra, one of the hottest spots in NZ -even gets into the high 30s!


Air New Zealand you didn’t let us down on Xmas day. Festive as ever :-). Time for the North Island now.


North Island

Extreme sports mummy style! I can’t resist a swing.


A Walk on the WildSide

Selfie with mum walking on the wild side – we took a shortcut home via the railway lines! More extreme sports! Don’t tell my boys LOL


Back to Queenstown

We brought my dearest Nana back with us for a South Island adventure. We loved having you Nana! No she did not do a bungy, but we had fun watching quite a few.

Southern Tip (no not a typo)

We took a road trip to Invercargill and Bluff, Bluff being the most southern point of the South Island (or the mainland as the locals call it).


Back to Work

So how was my first week back after such a long break?  All good things must come to an end. It was tough as expected to get back into the groove, but at the same time really good to see everyone again.  I love my team, a special bunch of people I get to work with who crack me up on a daily basis.  I think I crack them up too – we have a good laugh most days.


Final Weeks

My fellow interns and I are on our final weeks at WCB, with Izaac leaving first on Feb 1, Yui on Feb 3 and me on Feb 12th.  I hope we get some new interns soon so we can help them assimilate into WCB life and give them a bit of training before we leave.  So if you are interested in doing an internship at WCB please take a good look at our website especially the interns page where you will find testimonials including a few video testimonials.

That’s all folks.

One Last Image for Fun!

This is from my fruit bowl.  Ok so this is a New Zealand peach, before you ask, no they are not all like this.  Caption ideas?  I was thinking ‘in honour of BB-8’.



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