Week 17 – Troubleshooting and Video editing

Wow week 17, I think I’m well over half way through my internship now. Time flies when you’re… BUSY!  Yep, I can never complain of being bored that’s for sure.  There is always a never-ending list of unfinished tasks to do. But they do get done eventually.  Of course I am the first to admit I tend to put off the ones that are not as enjoyable or easy, who doesn’t? But there aren’t many tasks that fall into that category anyway 🙂


Fun Friday

But I have to say this past Friday was one of my favourite days at work so far. For a few reasons:

1. I got to finish off a video edit in iMovie that I’d spent most of the week on, on and off, so that was great – and the boss liked it, even better!!!
2. Got to do some shopping at sale going on in our building
3. I successfully figured out how to fix a ‘glitch’ (for lack of a better word) on all the courses pages of the school’s website. And finally
4. It was Friday and the beginning of a long weekend!

I probably can’t post the video here as it’s not even published on our school’s website yet.  But I’m sure in the next few days it will be on this page webcoursesbangkok.com.  Keep a look out.


Video Editing

So I think I’ve already talked about working on Kate’s video testimonial in iMovie.  I find iMovie a little temperamental at the best of times, (or is that me, LOL), or can I say not the most user friendly… for a beginner anyway.  I love working with programs that make sense even to a beginner. iMovie isn’t really one of them.  But as I said last week, practice, practice, practice.  By the end of this week I was feeling a lot more confident working with iMovie, I have figured her out, I think…

Anyway we did have some issues with the sound quality of the voice so I had to learn quickly how to use some of the audio editing features along with everything else.

Cutting out the ‘noise’ was first on the agenda.  Izaac showed me where to go for that.  Quite simple really, click on clip (select it so it goes yellow) then head up to the right hand corner  where you will find the audio editing buttons. Click the ‘equaliser’ looking button there you will see the noise reduction option. Once you turn it on, you can then manually adjust the percentage to get it just how you want it.

The only problem with using a lot of noise reduction is that it then kind of ‘dulls’ the sound. There are also more options to change the way the audio sounds after you’ve finished using the noise reduction feature. (But note, depending on the enhancer you pick you may need to go back and adjust the noise reduction %).   I tried every one of those features to see which one sounded the best to enhance Kate’s voice.  I narrowed it down to ‘voice enhancer’ and ‘treble enhancer’.  I finally went with voice enhancer.  I was pretty happy with the results.

Other fun aspects of editing were obviously getting the cuts just right and working with all the transition options.  I had to keep it clean and simple, but there are some pretty fun transitions to choose from.  Working with the background music sound track was fun too. I had to figure out how to select certain parts to increase volume and decrease volume for different parts of the video – all easy when you know how.  And now I know how.  (Feels like we are having  ‘how now brown cow’ moment hehehe.)


Troubleshooting Fixing Course Pages Grey Boxes.

Here are the before and after screenshots of one of the course pages so you know what I’m talking about.

Before:  The greys should be the same colour


After: All fixed 🙂

So how did I do it?

Good question.  I’m still no expert by a long shot with coding, but I’m a good troubleshooter and problem solver.  What do you think I had to do first?

Compare – I had to find out what was different from the pages that already looked like the bottom image and the pages where it looked like the top image. To do this I used the inspect element feature – a web designers go to tool.  I had to isolate the area of the problem and then compare the coding of both pages to see what was different about them.  Surprisingly for me, it didn’t actually take me very long to find the difference.  I was so keen to fix them all that I forgot to take a screenshot of what the ‘wrong’ coding looked like, but I can tell you.  The top image had ‘transparent’ for the background colour, where as the bottom image had a colour code instead.  Here’s how the correct one looked in inspect element.

Arrows points to the correct background-color code of #dcdfdb instead of “transparency”

Now I know what I need to correct but where do I correct it?  Well this screenshot above gives me an of where it is, content band 5.  I do know how to edit a page as an ‘administrator’ of WordPress, I have learnt that much.  But the course pages look a bit different to the post pages I usually work  with when I publish articles on the school blog.  What’s the difference? Well the course pages use visual composer.  But I’m slowly gaining confidence in the workings of visual composer.  Well I must be, because it didn’t take me long to find the right area to look in.  Referring to the published page gave me a clue as well – recognize the text below?


And more specifically


After I clicked the pencil for edit this row, I got this image below (with my screenshot from ‘inspect element’ for my reference of the correct colour code to put in.


With code pasted in, finally click ‘save changes’

With the correct code put in, I then with great satisfaction clicked Save changes.  And yep, a quick look in preview proved I’d fixed the right thing and I got a page that looked like the ‘after’ page at the top. Success!!  And yes I did a little victory dance albeit in my chair because a client training meeting was going on right behind me through the glass doors.  Otherwise the entire office would have known about my success.

So there you have it.  I fixed a page even the boss hadn’t worked out how to do, so yes I gave myself a big pat on the back… but only after my victory dance.  Hope you enjoyed my little boast, I did hehehe 🙂


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