Week 15 – Filming and Re-design

This week in the web professional class we have been exploring re-designing a website of our choice.  Here was the process

  1. Choose a site for re-design, preferable one that needed it!
  2. Do some user research, unfortunately I only got a handful of responses on Facebook.  I didn’t feel like spam emailing my friends so I relied on FB – it needed to be fast as the next day it was on to the next task…
  3. Site -map
  4. Then rough lo-fi wireframes
  5. Then hi-fi wireframes using UXPin
  6. Shopping (gathering the content needed, getting images, text, logo, colour scheme etc)
  7. Designing the Photoshop
  8. And somewhere along the way you need to find some inspiration
courtesy of bubbl.us
colour scheme



So starting this week we should have our main pages done in PS, but unfortunately for me and seems to be becoming something regular… I was out of power all day yesterday (that’s why I’m up at 4:00 am on Monday doing my ‘Sunday Blog’) the day I had set aside to work on MY REDESIGN, but alas no such luck, can’t work on my desktop with no power can I!  What a frustrating day.  But I reminder that I need to buy a laptop… sooner than later, at least before the next bleeping power cut!

Other really interesting learning this week was putting what we had learned about filming testimonials into practice.  The three of us (Yui, Isaac and I) had turns at filming, playing interviewer, and interviewee. Actually I managed to get out of playing the interviewee claiming I might break the camera! hahaha.  It was really good practice for us.  The main thing we know we need to work on is the timing.  We had to keep reminding ourselves (through many ‘takes’) to pause a few seconds  both before questions were answered (because later we will actually cut the questions during editing and replace with visual title slides) and before we stopped the filming of each question (also to allow for cutting during the editing process).  Both of which didn’t come easy, but with practice we got better with the pausing/waiting.

I’ll be sure to post our first REAL video testimonial here soon…

Until next week, bye!


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